Juno was recorded in October 2016 after a 50-date summer tour.
It was released on 25th March 2017.

Order the CD here – www.verdisa.bandcamp.com

Special thanks to Hagen Zillmann for the artwork.

Check out the official video for ‘Heavenly Gates’ from Juno…

‘Verdisa’ (formerly known as Sam Evans Band) have been working tirelessly in and around Bristol for over 6 years and provide a live experience that will captivate your very soul. With an eclectic blend of rock, funk, reggae, blues and beyond, you will be taken on a musical journey from the highest mountains, to the deepest oceans, to the core of your inner being and the edge of the universe itself. In order to best spread message of harmony, positivity and sustainability, the band tunes their instrument to 432Hz. Listening to music at this frequency will help you let your inhibitions go, open up to your surroundings and live as part of a greater consciousness.

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